Dextrose monohydrate / anhydrate

It is manufactured using starch as the raw materials. Monohydrate are also used as the raw material in pharmaceutical factory to manufacture Ascorbic Acids or other related medical substances.

Liquid glucose

Liquid Glucose is an aqueous solution of nutritive saccharide obtained by starch hydrolysis, by using Corn and Rice as raw material, which is purified and concentrated to required solid Liquid.Glucose, Glucose syrup and Corn syrups are synonyms.


Maltodextrin is generally used as a thickener or filler to increase the volume of a processed food. It's also a preservative that increases the shelf life of packaged foods. It's inexpensive and easy to produce, so it's useful for thickening products such as instant pudding and gelatins, sauces, and salad dressings.

Pregelatinized starch

In food industry, pregelatinized starch is used as food thickener or stabilizer in food products such as instant puddings, soup mixes, pie fillings salad dressing, candy etc., thus growth of food and beverage industry is driving market demand for pregelatinized starch.